Entry #2

March 9, 2021

          Last week, I wrote my first technical description. Before this semester, I honestly had no idea what a technical description actually was. I didn’t even think that I would ever have to write one, but of course, I did. I chose to write my description on the Nintendo Switch. I chose this object because it gives me so much nostalgia. I also love how unique it is compared to other gaming consoles. I think that compared to other gaming consoles, it allows you to connect with your family the most which is very important to me since I’m very family-oriented. This assignment also taught me a lot about what a technical description is. For example, when describing the Switch, I wrote as if I was explaining a product to someone who wants to learn how to use it or to someone looking to buy a gaming console. Lastly, I look forward to the rest of this semester as I believe that this class will be very beneficial to me and my writing skills.

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