Entry #6

April 15, 2021

It is currently day three of Ramadan, so my energy levels are lower than usual. I have less time to complete my school work since I really want to focus on religion this month, but so far I have completed my assignments. I hope that I can remain productive and motivated for the rest of this month. Today, I did some quick research before writing my outline. I ended up gathering up to around twelve sources. I’m not fully sure if I am going to use all of them, but I will figure it out as I continue with my rough draft. I definitely want to improve my abstract as it’s still missing information. I mostly struggled with my abstract since I feel like it would be easier to write it after the entire lab report is complete. For materials and methods, I plan on mentioning various studies for each pro and con of genetically modified foods. I look most forward to reading about how GM foods impact the environment and human health. In the discussion part, I will speak about what the results of the studies mean and come up with a final evaluation of whether GM foods do more harm than good or vice-versa.

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